Soho - a static web site generator

Soho is a static web site generator. Yet another one? Yes. And I am afraid it may not be more extensible, faster or in any way better than the multitude of other similar tools. I wrote a first version of it a few years ago (when there were less choice and none fit my needs) and wanted to continue using the same source files for a couple of my web sites.

  • Soho is small. It is only a few hundred lines long and can easily be read, evaluated and tweaked.
  • Soho currently supports reStructuredText and Page Templates (a.k.a. Zope Page Templates) and obviously HTML but it may be extended to support other markup languages (e.g. Markdown) as well as other templating systems (e.g. Jinja).
  • Soho can generate web sites in multiple languages and supports i18n through GNU gettext files. For further details, see the related section in the Tutorial.
  • Soho does not automatically generate a blog-like archive site structure, or anything usually needed by blogs (such as tags or syndication feeds). If you need a blog generator, you may want to look at other tools (Pelican seems to be a popular choice).